Work Project: Permaculture Design Class – Part 3

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As part of my permaculture design class in vermont last summer, our class did a couple of pretty cool work projects. When I shot this video, we were creating a large fire ring for outside gatherings. The barn that is directly adjacent to the fire ring has a great recreation area downstairs, with ping pong tables and dartboards. Ben wanted to create an outdoor space that would extend the barn’s rec area, in a natural, organic way.

While this might not seem like the most stereotypical type of “permaculture” project, the values of aesthetics and sense of place are part of the scale of permanence.

I think it’s important to note that permaculture is more of a style than anything else. It’s doesn’t have to involve herb spirals, paw paw trees, swales, or Hugelkultur beds. It simply means addressing challenges and opportunities by first looking to the natural patterns that are already occurring, and then bridging any remaining gap with the lowest tech, most permanent solutions.

I am a full believer in permaculture problem solving, and am a certified permaculture designer. If you are curious to know more about what a permaculture design class is all about, or you are trying to figure out how you can apply permaculture principles to help you be self sufficient, shoot me a note: I’m happy to point you in the right direction if I can.

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