Willie Smits: Village Based Permaculture Approaches in Indonesia

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Willie Smits presentation from PV1 in March 2014.
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Sulawesi is an Indonesian island with steep topography, overpopulation and very special local cultures.

Willie Smits will talk about the problems of deforestation and the resulting impacts for local people and Sulawesi’s very special endemic biodiversity.

Then he will talk about how working with the local people has led to more environmentally friendly agricultural production systems being put in place and how reforestation through agroforestry approaches has created more and better jobs for the local people while at the same time helping local flora and fauna and providing environmental protection for local populations.

The application of a joint planning module for environmentally friendly agricultural production can only work when there is trust and the work is based upon the local cultural approaches.

Smits will present the results of working with a big farmers cooperative in North Sulawesi as a potential blueprint for other communities to implement permaculture principles.

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