What is MSM? What you need to know.

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MSM – Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – Organic Sulfur

Sulfur is a crucial part of a healthy body. It lends to a long list of repair and maintenance functions and a deficiency can lead to a host of ailments.
MSM is an Organic form of Sulfur, meaning it is bio-available for our bodies and safe and non toxic to consume.

In nature, MSM begins it’s cycle in the oceans, when micro algae and phytoplankton die and release dimethylsulfonium salts which are volatile compounds that readily evaporate into the atmosphere where it collects in rain clouds, mixes with hydrogen and UV light and is converted to DMSO, the first stage of MSM. Clouds are actually held together by these disulfide bonds. When it rains, the sulfur is returned to the soil where it is absorbed by plants, and then consumed by people and animals. Unfortunately, conventional farming methods have led to a depletion of many vitamins and minerals we require, including sulfur.

Although MSM is contained in plants, it is within parts per million and it is not efficient to extract the DMSO for the purpose of manufacturing MSM. The most abundant source of DMSO is actually found in fossil fuels. which is where all commercial MSM sources its DMSO from. When you are told an MSM product sources from plant based materials, it is simply not possible. You would need to cull an entire forest just to extract enough DMSO to produce 1 lb of MSM.
Happy Body Store is proud to source from Canadian partners and manufacture its MSM right in Canada.
To convert DMSO into MSM, which makes it more bio-available and non toxic for consumption, you must attach an extra oxygen molecule. This is done by combining with hydrogen peroxide. We then triple distill into our pure crystal flakes.
Our Organic Sulfur Crystals are tested by a third party laboratory for quality and purity and are not released unless they are at least 99.9% pure, allowing for only .1% residual DMSO. We are happy to provide a certificate of analysis for assurance.

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