Vegan Organic – Veganic – Gardening / Farming to Feed The Body and Soul!

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Veganic farms in Rajasthan, India and Formosa (Taiwan)’s Hualien County share their wisdom! We thank Gajendra Singh and Chen Chun-Hung for sharing some of their precious knowledge about the wonderful field of vegan organic farming. Vegan organic agriculture is the best solution to world hunger and climate change. May all farmers soon adopt this style of cultivation to help lead our planet to a better and brighter future!

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Ⓥ Mother Nature is telling us that we will be Vegan or we will no longer be – epidemic levels of disease and environmental destruction! At this point of our evolution, humans are biologically Herbivore/Frugivore (Plant-Based Diet) – no matter what we have been told/sold to “believe”:

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