Urban Organic Farming – Cantinho das Aromáticas

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Everyone who is searching for a new way of living on the planet should visit the Cantinho das Aromáticas.

We hope, by our example, to inspire others to new behaviours and actively contribute to a better world.

The Cantinho das Aromáticas is an urban organic farming project, unique in Europe, which produces aromatic plants from seed to final product, which we sell in the form of herbal teas, tisanes, and dried seasonings.

The tremendous quality of our products, recognised by the countless awards which we have won, means you can find them for sale in the best shops in Portugal and in many other countries to which we export.

• 1º Concurso Nacional de Sal, Ervas Aromáticas e Condimentos 2014/ 1 Gold medal and 2 silver medals;
• 2º Concurso Nacional de Sal, Ervas Aromáticas e Condimentos 2015/ 1 Gold medal and 2 silver medals;
• Great Taste Awards 2014 / 3 stars and 1 star;
• Great Taste Awards 2015 / 4 awards of 1 star.

The Quinta do Paço, where you can find our farm, is situated on the shores of northern Portugal, between Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto and very near where the Douro River runs into the Atlantic Ocean, in a lovely farm where Dom Pedro I, the 8th King of Portugal, lived in the 14th Century.

With an area of 10 hectares, in a unique agricultural ecosystem, we have 3 hectares under cultivation with over 180 different herbs produced organically and certified by Ecocert. The production is also certified by the international system of quality Globalgap and all our products are also certified Kosher.

Within the Quinta there is a tea house where every day you can enjoy a free tasting of one of our herbal teas. There is also a shop where many different products are sold and the visitor can find herbal teas, tisanes, dried seasonings, countless varieties of aromatic plants in containers, books, cosmetics and kitchen and gardening utensils. The space has Wifi internet access and invites you to relax.

The entire productive garden can be visited, and it is possible to wander freely around the Quinta, or, if you prefer, ask for a guided visit for groups, in either Portuguese or English. You can also participate in the many different workshops which we offer annually or sign up as a volunteer to help in the work of the Quinta.

Many animals of different native species graze freely (horses, cows, donkeys, geese, chickens, ducks) which we use not only to keep the Quinta clean and to produce manure, but because they are a fundamental part of our good agricultural practices.

The Cantinho team is composed of 3 agronomists and 6 additional staff. On the whole, in the past 13 years we have created an exceptionally inspiring project of urban organic agriculture, which has helped innumerable new Portuguese farmers to follow our example.

We look forward to your visit!!!


We are open to the public all year long from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:00. Entrance is free.


Cantinho das Aromáticas
Rua do Meiral, 508
4400-501 Canidelo
Vila Nova de Gaia

For guided tours and more information:

Telephone: +351 227710301
Mail: geral@cantinhodasaromaticas.pt
Site: www.cantinhodasaromaticas.pt

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