University of Nebraska, Part 1: Intro to Organic Farming Research

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This webinar will present an overview of research being conducted at the University of Nebraska on organic farming, and will include 10-minute summaries by researchers of projects that emphasize production issues, grain quality, and agrosystem impacts.

In Part 1, Elizabeth Sarno discusses the development of the organic research program and projects at UNL from 2006 to the present and discuss how on-farm research can help develop cultural practices within various ecoregions.

Elizabeth Sarno is an Extension Educator for Organic Farming Systems in Nebraska. She coordinates and facilitate the Organic Working Group team which is composed of UNL scientists, extension educators, non-profit organizations, organic farmers and an organic state advisory committee that provides input and leadership to the various projects. She also conducts field days and works with farmers involved in on-farm research projects. Additionally, she owns and operates an organic grass-finished Devon cattle farm in eastern Nebraska.

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