Trees Eat Us All: A Tribute to Bill Mollison (1928-2016) from Charlie Mgee

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Charlie Mgee’s tribute to the father of permaculture, Bill Mollison who passed away on September 24, 2016.

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Photos and footage of Bill thanks to members of the group ‘In Memory of Bill Mollison’ on Facebook as well as excerpts from the ‘Global Gardener’ TV series and documentary ‘In Grave Danger of Falling Food’.

Lyrics (Feel free to translate and contact me to add the subtitles to this vid):

TREES EAT US ALL – Lyrics by Charlie Mgee

Designer, you’re now a recliner
So long and thanks for the yield
and your tools left behind
have all sharpened our minds
to keep growing the change in the field

The future is looking quite shady
under all the ideas that you’ve grown
and to look out the window
at food in the ground
gives us power to face the unknown

But trees eat us all in the end
so plant one for me when I’m gone
then if you hear that I’ve died
you can tell them they’ve lied
I’m just shading-out somebody’s lawn.

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