Tiny House Revolution – How The Quebec Tiny House Festival Is The Start of an Independence Movement

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The Tiny House Revolution is taking the western world by storm and Quebec Canada is a hot spot for this movement. With many young adults and empty nesters looking for a new simplified and minimalist lifestyle it seems like the masses are slowly turning to “sustainability” not because of they care to save the planet but because they want to thrive! To follow a life of passion and bliss versus one of growing material assets and possession and to spend more time outside and on the road while having a house that takes care of itself!

This is why we at Build Your WISDOM designed a 450 square foot tiny house to satisfy those very needs and well the 5 figure price tag makes it WAY more affordable! Minimalism is great help to the wallet…

If you are interested in building a tiny home – want some floor plans and designs or just want to support the movement visit our website and check out how we as architects engineers and movement creators can help your green dreams come to life!

Canada’s tiny home revolution is coming and we will be at the forefront of it ensuring the most high quality passive solar tiny house on the market!

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Our school teaches everything from permaculture to eco construction – passive house standards, alternative energy, social entrepreneurship or as we would rather call it Philanthropreneurship and environmental activism of all kinds and have courses available online and host in person mentorships through out the summer.

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