Tina Sacchi on Fox TV News: Organic vs Non Organic Food

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Over 5 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year according to EPA. Laboratory studies show that pesticides can cause health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time.
Talking Points:
• Organic vs. Non Organic Food.
• Seasonal vs. Non Seasonal food
• Organic food may cost more however proactive vs. reactive health care is best in the long run.
• Vote by purchasing organic & organic prices will decrease. Vote with our dollars.
Tina Sacchi, a Health Coach and bestselling author of I Create The Body I Want, says “Many people are awakening, including celebrities and are only eating organic, whole, plant-based foods straight from the earth taking advantage of healthy, fresh fruits and veggies available all year long. Let’s eat healthier and also support our local farmers and businesses.”
PROPS: Various fruits and vegetables display.
DEMO: Windex (representing pesticides) sprayed on an apple representing non-organic food
with pesticides.
Tina’s FOOD Formula — the directions to physical health: Flexible
Organic Optimal health Discipline


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