Three Generation Organic Farm of The Traidhos 3-Generation Community for Learning: PTIS

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The Three Generation Organic Farm of The Traidhos 3-Generation Community for Learning ( Founder & Owner Mom Tri Devakul ) : PTIS IB World school, all in Mae Rim district of Chiang Mai Thailand: Here I am having a fun tour by myself, while doing trail cycling in a peaceful and charming mountainous country-side, at the Three Generation Organic Farm. What they are doing here is so green, the learning house, especially the wall painting and the real black-board, is so cute really in a natural way by Ajaan Malee Devakul, this is truly a kind of a real classroom. Kids, students from worldwide, as well as families, are really enjoying their times here together in the fruitful ways of Environmental Education learning the organic farming ways, the inter-connections, the food web, etc. – integrations and interdisciplinary study to any subjects are always possible. This is also while every participant learn about the team work, the leadership, as well as different cultures, and etc.

The so-called “Jungle Cooking” an organised activity of the 3-G Farm kitchen-cooking house’s own creation led by Ajaan Malee has also been very popular as high number of visiting students are flooding in.

The Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning also provide superb Residences for all visiting people with full services. Thanks to all, especially Ajaan Malee Devakul – Ajaan Arn/Paisid Nawlad – Ajaan Sheena Jackson who is also a very active farm coordinator. The 3-G Farm sign, registered – copyrighted, is also of a great design and very meaningful. It truly creates nice identity now for the place. Proud of you all of the elite team working hard there. With best wishes. Pete/Chititewan

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