The Vulture Of Carter (Malayalam) Ravichandran C

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Programme organized by KYS, Pathanamthitta District Committee at Vyaparibhavan, Pandalam, Alappuzha dist, Kerala ,17 .7.2016 at 2 pm.,
Noted Freethinker and authour Ravichandran C is talking about the prospects and possibilities of the implementation of full scale organic farming throughout the state of Kerala, India. He opines that integrated nutrient management and integrated pest management as per scientific guidelines is the need of the hour. The distinction between ‘chemical’ and ‘bio’ fertilizers is non-existent and imaginary as far as the plant is concerned. The plant always absorb nutrients in the form of molecules, ions and compounds. Over use of both chemical and bio fertilizers is harmful to the soil and environment. Same is true in the case of chemical and bio pesticides. Organic farming is not good enough to deal with the increasing requirements of a snowballing population for it is less 4-40 % less productive and more costly. There is no study or evidence to confirm that organic products are richer in nutrients or they can resist ailments like cancer. In fact, some of the pesticides used in bio farming is really poisonous and pesticides like Rotenun were banned in USA for toxicity after using it for almost 30 years. Ravichandran says that the ‘chemical phobia’ purposefully generated by the organic farming lobby in Kerala may hamper the agricultural progress of the state. The society that negate the merits of science is most likely to be relegated and doomed. This is exactly happened in Stalinist Russia in middle of 20th century when pseudo scientific notions like Lysenkoism was ruling the roost while true scientists like Vavilov were made die in prisons. This seminar was conducted By KYS, Pathanamthitta District Committee at Vyaparibhavan, Pandalam, Alappuzha dist, Kerala on .17.7.2016 at 2 pm.

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