The Future of Irrigated Agriculture: Where’s the Water? Agricultural Technology/Agricultural Tve

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A video for the UMass Sustainable Agriculture class.

California Colloquium on Water Speakers: Juliet Christian-Smith, Pacific Institute & Dr. David Zoldoske, CSU Fresno, Center for Irrigation Technology http://.

gets a first-hand look at what may be Ontario’s first drip irrigated corn field.

See what engineering and design elements make a Reinke irrigation system different than others. From the single-leg tower to the greatest variety of pipe mat.

This is one clip in a series of videos demonstrating how Silver Queen Farm, in Trumansburg, NY makes a living producing fruits and berries. This video is fro. “Agricultural Technology” “Agriculture Articles” “Agricultural Finance” “Agricultural Loans” Farms “Sustainable Agriculture” “Degree In Agriculture” “New Agricultural” “School Of Agriculture” “Agriculture israel” agriculture “department of agriculture” “agricultural engineering” “agriculture development” farming “organic, farming” horticulture, aquaculture agro tractors, tractor, livestock, Follow Me!

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