The Benefits of Organic T-shirts and Clothing

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Benefits of Organic Cotton T-shirts

A short video outlining the benefits of organic t-shirts and organic clothing. Here is the video transcript:

As we are all becoming more aware of organic foods and farming practices, here at Tshirts Canada we are getting more inquiries about printing on organic t-shirts.

So here are some of the benefits of organic cotton clothing.

The cotton is grown without synthetic fertilizers or toxic herbicides and pesticides, from non-genetically engineered seed.

Purchasing organic products helps keep our air and water clean and the soil healthy

This also enables farmers and labourers to work in pesticide free conditions

Organic farming is in alignment with our eco-system

Now, 100% certified organic t-shirts means that fewer artificial chemicals touch our skin which is our body’s biggest organ.

They look great, have excellent durability and are eco-fashion friendly

We are happy to carry the Anvil line of 100% certified organic t-shirts.

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