Terra Preta Sanitation – 6. Highly productive organic farming

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Terra Preta Sanitation…
is a systemic approach to link sanitation and agriculture to protect soil fertility and water ressources. Instead of polluting fresh water with human excreta and urine they are used to create Terra Preta soil. Terra Preta is a highly fertile black soil made by composting biowastes in addition of charcoal and faeces which are pre-treated by lactic acid fermentation. It was invented by an ancient Indio civilisation in the Amazon forest and is still fertile after hundreds of years when it was discovered about 30 years ago.

This video series…
gives an overview about Terra Preta Sanitation (TPS) which links different technologies and other related topics from ecological sanitation research. It is a produced as a student project by Andreas Swensson at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection at Hamburg University of Technology under the supervision of Prof.-Dr. Ralf Otterpohl. It is meant to be used to promote and inform about TPS, to network groups and project all over the world and for educational purposes. You find an introduction of all in video “14. who is who”.

To see all videos…
use the interactive menu at the end of every video or click the links below:
1. Overview (29:34 min)
— http://youtu.be/E-iO6Tw3UUM
2. Terra Preta toilet development (07:50 min)
— http://youtu.be/AWIGQ3r4vUw
3. Fermentation (12:09 min)
— http://youtu.be/fTrR-ZWVGBQ
4. Composting (07:29 min)
— http://youtu.be/n2zKvvI2Gak
5. Charcoal & woodgas stoves (05:17 min)
— http://youtu.be/i13_kzJU4qg
6. Highly productive organic farming (05:59 min)
— http://youtu.be/pSShndKiA3g
7. Pit latrines and sanitation in Ethiopia (12:02 min)
— http://youtu.be/wN1GN5Iahuc
8. Problems with artificial fertilizer (03:28 min)
— http://youtu.be/vb9P-8b1SvI
9. Conventional cooking (03:42 min)
— http://youtu.be/xRHvRKKIci8
10. Ecosan and urine diversion toilets (08:48 min)
— http://youtu.be/JwCMOtHHT5M
11. Building an arbor loo (04:36 min)
— http://youtu.be/jUSiiXPVYaw
12. Bamboo for greywater treatment (2:51 min)
— http://youtu.be/HNJUyTbCNjI
13. Seminar lecture: ressource oriented (waste) water and soil management (1:43:05 h)
— http://youtu.be/d0AIKsKXys0
14. Who is who (05:10 min)
— http://youtu.be/WohruCV-zoI

For more information…
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