Sustaining the Life Of the Organic Farm (part 1) HD 720P

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Caoba Farms sustainable organic farming practices are highlighted in this video (part 1 of 2),
“Sustaining the Life of the Organic Farm,” set in La Antigua, Guatemala. Caoba Farms believes that Guatemala is a place where organic sustainable methods can be taught, practiced, and sustained country wide.
Caoba Farms uses sustainable natural processes and methods on their small local eco-friendly farms in Antigua, Guatemala. Caoba Farms on-site store sells their own farm grown fruits, herbs, vegetables, eggs, poultry and lamb. The community is important and Caoba also carries a wide variety of other local producers healthy food products such as yogurt, butter, nuts and nut butters, jellies, coconut water, coconut oils, coffee, moringa, fermented Kambucha teas and other superfoods.
Saturdays bring out local food producers and vendors to Caoba Farms. In a small farmer’s market setting, local chefs prepare organic food dishes, from the naturally raised food from the farm, in a casual covered outdoor setting.
Nature does it better, for the health of the farm, its workers, its customers and the community at large. You will not find GMO tainted crops or products at the farm or farm store. We will be presenting other videos about Caoba Farms in the weeks and months to come.
The web site for Caoba Farms in Antigua, Guatemala is:
Caoba Farms blog is:
Directed, filmed and written by: Steve Landis
Executive producer: Danielle Landis
©stevelandis and caobafarms 2014. All rights reserved.
Filmed with Canon 5DMkII using Nikon and Leica glass.
Feel free to share this in its entirety with credits and descriptions intact. Other usage is forbidden without the express written permission of Caoba Farms and Steve Landis.

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