Sheet Mulching my Permaculture Zone 1 garden beds in Arizona

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I am sheet mulching 2 beds in my zone 1 garden to build NEW soil life in areas where it has been depleted. This is basically just like composting but is ok if it needs to take longer (because there is no turning) and it is considered “composting in place”. I like this idea because I don’t have certain items I need to start a compost bin just yet and also because science shows when you shovel compost out of a bin you are disturbing the millions of microscopic lifeforms that have been living there CREATING that rich living soil for you. So when you disturb them you kill a good chunk of them before the great new compost gets to your garden. So doing sheet mulching and composting in place I’m going to have RICHER soil in 2-3 mths, compared to doing a 2-4 week compost bin and then moving that new soil. I will also do a compost bin but I like this method for areas where I don’t need to plant anything for 1-3 mths. And I’ll also add that this isn’t fresh manure. Fresh manure can burn your plants and roots. That’s why (just in case) I didn’t put it right up around the base of the trees. And if I choose to plant anything in these within 30 days what I’ll do is pull back the straw and manure and dig a small hole, put FRESH DIRT in it, plant the seed or plants in the new dirt, cover in new dirt and then cover back up with the manure and hay.

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