Series of Shining World Leadership- organic farming in The Garden Project in San Francisco, US

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And now for our series of Shining World Leadership segment on The Garden Project in San Francisco, United States, which trains former inmates in organic gardening methods.

The Series of Shining World Leadership Intro [VOICEOVER]: For decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has exemplified unconditional love through her worldwide humanitarian work. She has inspired our Association members and countless people across the globe, to follow her compassionate example. Through enlightened leadership a better world is truly possible. In recent times, a new and exciting phenomenon is on the rise that is bringing much hope and light to our planet Earth. More and more leaders and governments around the world are adopting practices that greatly improve and enhance the lives of their co-citizens, human and animal alike.

The Garden Project of San Francisco, USA is dedicated to bringing about a more harmonious society by providing opportunities for former inmates to be trained in horticulture skills. Founded in 1992 by Ms. Cathrine Sneed and Sheriff Michael Hennessey, the Project grows and distributes organic vegetables at no cost to low-income seniors and families in the San Francisco area. In addition, some of the produce is used by community centers in giving nutrition and cooking classes. The Garden Project’s Apprentices work at the organization’s organic farm, perennial ornamental nursery, or California Native Plant Nursery. Growing plants for schools, seeding trees around the city, tending to gardens at police stations and housing developments, and helping with community clean-ups are also part of the Apprentices’ activities.

At the same time, they attend local colleges and receive individual tutoring and counseling. Remaining free of alcohol and addictive drugs is a requisite of the program. The Garden Project collaborates with over 25 other groups. In 2004, they joined with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to establish the Earth Stewards Program. It offers young adults employment, educational opportunities, and participation in neighborhood environmental endeavors. The Garden Project has been commended for its praiseworthy results by the United States Department of Agriculture, and has been studied by individuals and organizations from a number of countries.

Bravo, Ms. Cathrine Sneed, Sheriff Michael Hennessey, and The Garden Project, on your fantastic work. May many precious individuals continue to be benefitted through this innovative and Earth-loving program, with all God’s blessings.

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