Ruia Agro Farm Combined Video MOV Format

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We have designed a project, which creates a Synergy between farm, horticulture activities, recreation and community living.

This would be a modern farmhouse project in the terms that the whole project would be based on a grid structure. The details of each grid, its activities, and its various inputs at various stages will be monitored and attended to by the efficient manpower. The cropping pattern would be determined by the compatibility of the produce and the best possible output for the said produce in the cropping season. With information base provided by the experts in Agricultural Management and Irrigation Experts we can also find the subtle changes required in our activities which would be affecting the level of intensity required for the said activity.

The clutch of activities at the project is being so designed that despite any adverse condition the farms are well taken care of or the losses are greatly mitigated. Commercial activities would include, a Club House for providing amenities in line of hospitality business enacting more of a hub for family and social activities taking your lifestyle statement to greener pastures.

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