Re-Sourcing Community Resilience (Permaculture) – Willi Paul

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“Re-Sourcing Community Resilience” – “Integrating Permaculture, Transition, SpiritNature and Mythology.” Video and Transcript from 2016 NW Permaculture Convergence Workshop: “Tearing Down the Silos” by Willi Paul and Friends.

– excerpt –

“…In the long run, (online community) is about democracy. Many communities of practice and interest thrive under autocratic moderation, and they are useful as informed, interactive versions of refereed journals, but the power of increasing returns – where the community itself directs the growth of its size and value – can only emerge from an infectious spirit of voluntary collaboration.”
– Howard Rheingold

Dedicated to Michael Pilarski

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The Transcript –

Willi Paul: Thanks for coming. My name is Willi Paul. I come from the peninsula in the Bay Area and really welcome the moisture in the air. It’s really unusual. I live with the drought. What I have in my heart is that we need to help permaculture evolve with things that we already have and integrate those forces because one of the basic tenants of this presentation is that permaculture can’t do this alone. It’s evolving too slow. It’s underfunded. It’s fractured. It’s whatever you want to call it. But that’s not what the focus is. I’m trying to get you to look at the synergy between Permaculture, the Transition movement, Mythology and SpiritNature.

So what I want to do first is ask you what permaculture is to you.

Audience: Responsible land management.

Willi Paul:Okay, good. Anybody else? This is supposed to be the positive stuff.

Complete Event Transcript:

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