Ravish kumar on Farmers Solution via Organic farming

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Govt ruling all these years are totally neck deep in corruption an d have a powerful nexus with chemical fertilizers/pesticides lobbies every year govt makes some plans for farmers still farmers are committing suicides… Now whom wud they blame? Govt’s don’t have a single clue what steps to take for helping farmers..
They propogate , that farmers need urea and DTP for their crops and gas plant would help in making urea but truth is urea and DTP not only raises the cost of farming but also traps farmers into a vicious circle due to which they have to use pesticides as well n the cost of production also rises not to forget heavy use of such fertilizers also destroys the potency of soil which results in poor farming and` our farmers cant take this huge loss which eventually results in suicides..
Only solution is organic farming which is possible in 0% investment, but their is a huge nexus between govt n companies which keep on planting rumours regarding organic farming even the western world is going towards organic products only we indian are being fooled also these crops full of fertilizers n pesticides are too harmful for our health
A must watch and share this ravish video on organic farming which proves huge benefits for farmers, consumers and of course our motherland.

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