Powerful Speech Openings – Organic Farming

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Effective speeches have powerful openings.

This video is the first in a series which illustrate a way to use words and images to grab the audience’s attention. If this was delivered as a talk, the words would be spoken as the images were shown in PowerPoint.

This uses the example of an organic dairy farmer who will give a presentation on the advantages of organic vs. conventional milk production to an audience of investors who will have been sitting through a series of pitches at an all-day conference. He needs to make an emotional impact before he gives the financial reasons why his business is a solid investment.

Powerful openings for speeches and presentations:

– Show you care about the audience and your topic
– Demonstrate your credibility and passion
– Are relevant to the audience’s concerns

Options for powerful speech openings include:

– Tell a compelling story
– Pose a challenging question
– Make a significant statement
– Crush a cliche
– State a problem
– Establish a common bond with the audience

Don’t be afraid of being controversial with your opening. Audiences love controversy. Always be controversial on issues – never on personalities. Controversial speech openings include:

– Challenging conventional wisdom
– Pointing out glaring inconsistencies
– Offering a clean, easily-understood solution
I can help you create powerful openings for your next talk.

A talk that will grab the audience’s attention.

Ian Griffin
Executive Communications

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