Power Your Home Using Plants

A Green Roof Can Create Electricity For Home Use

Another sustainable idea combines having a roof covered plants with additional technology that allows the plants to provide power to your home.

A company called Plant-E (a Dutch start-up) is building green roofs that generate electricity via the process that happens when plant creates food using photosynthesis.

They’ve found that energy can be harvested from the process which involves the microorganisms near plant roots who release electrons as a byproduct of the consumption of plant photosynthesis byproducts. They’ve found that by placing an electrode near the roots, they were able to harvest this waste energy and turn it into electricity.

The company feels that this technology has the potential to bring electrical power to many poor people who currently live without it, not to mention the ability to drastically reduce utility bills while providing many other benefits for those who currently do have electricity.

See the video below from Plant-e for more information on this unique idea:

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