PGS: A guide to Participatory Guarantee Systems for Organic Agriculture

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The video is available in original language, with English, French or Spanish subtitles. You can display subtitles in your preferred language by selecting them from the drop box menu that appears once you click the button “Settings” on the video.

La vidéo est disponible en version originale avec des sous-titres en français, en anglais ou en espagnol. Vous pouvez afficher les sous-titres dans la langue de votre choix en la sélectionnant dans le menu déroulant qui apparaît quand vous cliquez sur le bouton « Settings » de la vidéo.

El video está disponible en el idioma original, con subtítulos en español, inglés y francés. Se pueden visualizar subtítulos en el idioma preferido seleccionándolos desde el menú de cuadro desplegable que aparece después de hacer clic en el botón “Configuración” en el vídeo.

This educational video presents Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) through practical examples and theory. It is illustrated by 4 PGS initiatives: “Nature et Progres” in France, “Rede Ecovida de Agroecologia” in Brazil, “Bryanston Organic and Natural Market” in South Africa and “Sabeto Organic Producers Association” in Fiji. The video is structured to show why and how PGS are set up as well as the benefits that derive from PGS to all stakeholders. It provides an inspiration for all who are interested in Organic Agriculture, small farmers and local market development, including: farmers, consumers, NGO staff, extension workers, universities and other educational centres.

Enjoy the screening!

The video was produced by IFOAM – Organics International with the financial support of Centre Technique de Cooperation Agricole et Rurale (CTA).

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