Permaculture Nursery Design

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A brief clip describing the nursery design for our new Treehugger Farms during Permaculture Miami’s Permaculture Design Course. The design is based off of the golden ratio and fit perfectly with the space we are working with. The spiral represents the edges, outer paths, and the energy flow of the nursery. The edges of the squares in the golden ratio is where we placed the large paths and this divided the energy flow in the nursery by creating different sections.

For materials, we will be harvesting an “invasive” tree that is displacing the native South Florida habitat called Melaleuca as our posts and beams, bamboo as beams, and palm fronds for our shade. A lot of the supporting species for the farm will be planted in nursery beds instead of pots and the pots we use are waste from a neighboring farm. The nursery tables and other structures are being built with recycled pallets and wood.

Design by: David Laws, Jason Long, and Santiago Arroyo

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