Permaculture in the Amazon Rainforest – The Paititi Institute

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The Paititi Institute’s projects are dedicated to the preservation of the Amazonian rainforest as well as other quickly diminishing ecological resources on the planet and the indigenous cultures that are symbiotically connected to these ecological sanctuaries.

Helping to develop a global nation of self-sufficient intentional communities, the Paititi Institute is continuously manifesting, supporting and sustaining opportunities for the international conscious society to emerge in harmonious relationship with nature through a sustainable, synergetic and nurturing approach.

For the last 10 years, the Paititi Institute has been immersed in the implementation of essential tools to do this work in a lasting way based on the millennial heritage of ancestral wisdom. These tools can help us recreate sustainable and abundant nourishment for communities around the globe today while restoring degraded landscapes, healing diseases, developing deeper connections with the universal source of creative potential and evolving on the level of consciousness transformation by transcending personal challenges for the common benefit.

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