Permaculture in Rainbow Valley Farm | Nature Farms

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Permaculture in Rainbow Valley Farm | Nature Farms

Permaculture is much much more than a system of gardening – it is a design system for creating sustainable human environments, working with rather than against nature. It has been described as a harmonious integration of people in to the landscape in a way that enhances the land so it prospers in richness and beauty.

A well-designed system using permaculture principles should be able to self-regulate, and require the minimum of intervention and maintenance, like a woodland ecosystem, which requires no weeding, fertiliser or pest control.
By observing natural systems and learning from traditional practices, as well as making use of sustainable, appropriate technology, we can create a system that is ecologically sound and economically viable that works for farmers and city dwellers alike. These concepts work in spaces as small as a window sill to vast hectares of land.

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