Permaculture Design- Zones

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In permaculture design you have the idea and concept of zones. Zones are a way to organize your property to make sure that the correct plants get the appropriate attention based on the fact that you are going to visit certain areas more often than others. In other words, we are going to take our excuses and our laziness and design an area that keeps me from working harder than I need to. When you take into consideration that you can sit down with a bit of information (learned from me and others) and completely transform your property from a money sink into a place where you can grow food and feed your family, it is a topic that gentlemen SHOULD take seriously. I little bit of work mixed with a lot of information and you can feed your family with nutritious food.

Skilled Gentlemen Podcast ( is an online radio show that covers topics that men want to hear. Topics including:
*Brewing beer
*Men’s fashion
*And many more topics
Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is an attempt by the humble creator to reintroduce the ideas that our fathers, grandfathers, and their grandfathers taught their children and their peers. In a world of technological advances and a world that is bent on putting WiFi on every utensil they own, there is a need for people like us. Gentlemen that stand up for the rights of others, no matter their differences. Skilled Gentlemen that are re more focused on the development of their own hard skills instead of their fantasy football teams or the amount of friends they have on Facebook. With the use of podcasting, I am determined to give an informative show on the development of both, thus Skilled Gentlemen Podcast was created.

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