Permaculture Design Course — Spring 2011

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During the Spring months of 2011, the Simple Living Institute offered Orlando’s first full permaculture class for certification with great success. The students and instructors quickly became a tight-knit group as they learned about sustainable methods for living in cooperation with their environment. This short video documents the class and attempts to describe the concept of permaculture using comments from some of the instructors and students.

Permaculture is a holistic way of life that allows people to exist in harmony with nature. The main goal is to close the loop of consumption and waste by using natural products that can then be composted or reused as new natural products. Theoretically, it is scalable, with solutions for apartments, townhouses, urban lots, rural farms and even corporate sites.

Check out the Simple Living Institute at to learn more about the next permaculture class or about other events.

Also, check out the video producers’ local food and sustainability blog at

Music written and performed by Amy Wallace:

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