“Permaculture Design” Course – Permaculture University Costa Rica

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http://WISECostaRica.info – “Permaculture Design” Course – Permaculture University Costa Rica

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Our Permaculture Design courses in Costa Rica is fully bilingual, and all our courses are taught by top Permaculture Design Experts who have years of extensive knowledge in the field of Sustainable education.

Our Certificated Permaculture Design Courses offer unique opportunities to learn the theory, principles, and practice of permaculture in rural agricultural communities, from our teaching team as well as local farmers and educators.

Topics include:

•Permaculture design principles & methodologies
•Reading landscapes, mapping, & site analysis
•Plant propagation and seed saving
•Indigenous cultivation, traditions, and practices
•Perennial polycultures and developing food forests
•Energy conservation and renewable energy sources
•Ecosystem restoration / bioremediation
•Hydrology and aquaculture
•Alternative economic systems & local self-reliance
•Forest management and agroforestry
•Patterns in nature
•Natural building
•Ecovillage design
•Urban permaculture strategies
•Whole systems theory
•Herbs & medicinal plants
•Integrated animal systems
•Integrated pest management

Classes include lectures, hands-on projects, research, field trips, and team design projects.
Advanced courses include:

•Water: pond construction, plumbing and irrigation systems, potable water, water tanks, rainwater catchment
•Energy: solar and wind electric system installation and upgrading
•Building: wood, bamboo, stone, earth bag, thatch, and use of earthmoving machines in land development
•Metal: welding and metal fabrication projects
•Plant propagation: grafting, composting, fertility, seed saving, tray greens, guild design

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