Permaculture Design Course | Okanogan Valley, Washington

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Okanogan Valley, north-central Washington. An opportunity to take a pdc with the Inland Northwest’s leading permaculture teacher.

Probably no better investment at today’s point in history. Learn how to grow food in climate extremes. Learn how to work with nature to create bio-diverse, fully functioning ecosystems that are biologically and economically productive. Permaculture has solutions!

Plant walks, design teams, field trips, hands-on, and internet resources are all part of the agenda for the course.

Lots to see at the course venue. Including a 6-year old permaculture forest garden that Michael Pilarski installed in 2008.
Check out the youtubes of Michael Pilarski at the course venue.

I have spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest and am very familiar with both the wet maritime and the semi-arid interior Northwest bioregions. Right now I am trying to fill my August 3-16 course in the Okanogan valley of North-central Washington. This is an opportunity to take a pdc from an instructor with deep knowledge of the Northwest biomes and land at a site where there are lots of permaculture plantings to look at and work in. The 200-acre site has been under development since 1972 and I started putting in plantings there six years ago. You can taste the productivity during the course. And the course is a reasonable fee of ,000. Most pdcs are more expensive.

We are keeping the early bird price of ,000 until July 7 (the poster says June 1). Please help us fill this course. Are you interested? Who do you know who may be interested? Please email friends, list-serves or like the event on Facebook.

If you have any questions about the course content you can call me (Michael Pilarski) at 406-741-5809.

If you have questions about payment, registration, worktrade or facilities call Joseph Willging at 360-913-2242.

PS. Joseph is looking for an intern at the Okanogan permaculture farm where the course is being held. Would anyone be interested in taking the course and staying on as an intern?

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