PermablitzHI – GROW YOUR OWN – Hawaii Permaculture Garden Built in One Day

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fbt-banner-728x901 Join Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution today and help restore Hawaii’s food security – one backyard at a time. In just one day, permaculture designers and volunteers built an edible food garden in the parking lot behind Sweet Home Waimanalo restaurant in Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii.

Video produced in collaboration with Kanu Hawaii’s Eat Local Challenge.

Participants include Matthew Lynch, PermablitzHI; Justin Franzmeier, Island Foodscaping; Paul Izak, Yogarden; Joanne Kapololu, Sweet Home Waimanalo; Kevin Vaccarello, Sustain Hawaii; Kelly Stern, Goldielocks Grinds; Kaleo; Alberto Ricordi; Sun Jin Jeong; Justin Albu; Claire Nakasne; Barb Morgan; Shawn Agsalda; Chris Andrada; Josh Streeter; Anthony Natoli; Diana Bethel; Michael Broady Jr; Donna Lay; Cora Piliwale; Shirley Yuen. Video produced by

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