Organic vs. Non Organic Farming/Food

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*This video contains interviews with organic farmers and their opinions on organic farming as well as students statements/comments.

Organic farming and non-organic farming. Although both are viable sources of growing food they are not always the best way for various reasons. Non organic farming is a problem because harmful chemicals are used in pesticides to kill of pests but as well do harm to humans and other animals too. These poisons put on our food our absorbed by the vegetation and pest that eat them. Through biological magnification the dosage of pesticides increases, eventually harming and killing many organisms along the way.
A solution to this could be organic farming but as with any solutions there are constraints. For example, organic farming would not be able to feed a continually growing population. For some, organic farming does not make enough money for someone to be invested in it. For others the price of organic food is too high to continually buy organic food for a family.

–Betsabe Lopez

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