Organic Methods As Productive As Industrial Agriculture Says Study

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A new study released this week by Berkeley University has good news for health-conscious Americans. The Berkeley researchers investigated the supposed ‘Gap’ between organic food systems and industrial,chemical-dependent food systems. The study showed that the previously held assumptions of this gap were much greater than is the case. In some instances, the two type of food production produce the same per acre yields.

The new study analyzed 3 times as much data as previous studies and found much of the research was biased in favor of the chemical-dependent systems. Considering who funded the previous research supports this assumption. When reanalyzed on great scale and depth of modeling, it becomes clear: organic farms’ productivity is much nearer to industrial agriculture than previously believed.

According to an article in Berkeley’s NewsCenter, “In terms of comparing productivity among the two techniques, this paper sets the record straight on the comparison between organic and conventional agriculture,” said the study’s senior author, Claire Kremen, professor of environmental science, policy and management and co-director of the Berkeley Food Institute. “With global food needs predicted to greatly increase in the next 50 years, it’s critical to look more closely at organic farming, because … the ability of synthetic fertilizers to increase crop yields has been declining.”

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