Organic Garlic with Plantonics Organic fertilizer | Garlic organic farming

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Organic garlic cultivation is a difficult task, as Garlic Crop attracts many pest and Diseases and without Chemical pesticides it becomes very difficult to get Better Yield in Organic Garlic Cultivation, but A Farmer of Bhalechada, Village of Junagadh District Gujarat Grown Garlic with Plantonics Organic fertilizer.
We can see the growth of Garlic which cannot be Achieved by Chemical fertilizers like Urea DAP NPK MOP or any micro nutrients.
Plantonics Onion Special Works triple acting and Helps to get high yield in Organic farming.
he did not faced any problem of fungus in garlic.
also he did not required any chemical pesticides in garlic crop.
chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides harms human and animals also it kills natural micro flora of soil.
soil microorganism fixes nitrogen from atmosphere while PSB makes phosphorus soluble.
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