Organic Farming Through Biodynamic Methods

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I had the opportunity to inform myself about the methods of food production.
This is an interesting journey that I recommend everyone to do, because it is a very good way to understand the processes of life and preservation of our environment.
The production of food requires good logistics to enable its planting through to its distribution with a rational use of energy, as well as, sense of responsibility in the application of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other materials that are used in agriculture and can significantly pollute the environment.
Feeding the huge population of the Earth is an enormous undertaking and it is a great challenge to uphold our criteria for health and nature conservation against economic manipulation.
I learned from my studies that there are many ways to cultivate food without damaging the environment, though these require more technical knowledge and human input. But the end result though is beneficial both, to our healths and the planet and are economically viable.
Amongst the many ways to grow food there are two interesting processes – Biodynamics and Permaculture – both of which are holistic ways of practising agriculture. These two ways are well known within organic agriculture.
This documentary presents spontaneous testimonials from people in Europe, who produce organic foods and who are making the effort to cultivate a more adequate nourishing diet.
You can listen to what these farmers have to say about “Organics” and make up your own mind.

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