Organic farming is bad for the environment (Cross-exam Debate)

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This cross-examination parliamentary debate featured two government and two opposition debaters to determine if, “Organic farming is bad for the environment.”

IMPORTANT: The participants were not defending their own true personal opinions in this exercise debate.

-Chapter selection-
0:29 Prime Minister: Margie
5:57 Leader of the Opposition: Adrian
13:40 Government Seconder: Dave
21:15 Opposition Seconder: Victor
29:01 Final government cross-exam
31:26 Summation by the Opposition
33:54 Summation by the Government
36:19 Adjudication by Anita
39:49 Verdict announced
40:47 Follow-up co-adjudication by Michael

Originally presented on March 22nd, 2011:

Toronto Debating Society |

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