Organic Farming in Jamaica

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Most recent trip to Jamaica in Feb 2015 updating our Indiegogo campaign.…www.wisdompreserve.land THANKS TO THOSE ANGELS WHO MADE THE TRIP SUCCESSFUL:1. Cameron Simons – Film editor for Imperial Media Collective —… 2. James Godfery of S&G Roads Jamaica3. Maurice Gabay of Master Builders Jamaica4. Jason Henzell of Jake’s Jamaica treasure beach5. Beaumont Car Rental Franco “Tony” Beaumont6. Elsa Kong-Toyota Jamaica Limited7. Sonita Abrambras- Morin of Afua Yoga & Pilates Kingston Jamaica8. Wisdom Preserve Team – DIDI COLQUHOUNE, EMPESS TABIA, EMPRESS ALISHA, EMPRESS SHEKHINAH & THE FARMER/BUILDERS IN WOODLAND

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