Organic Farmer’s Market: A CSE Initiative

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CSE has been a strong advocate of what we call ‘good food’ – food that is good for nature (rich in biodiversity), nutrition (not junk food and without poisons) and livelihoods (where local people derive benefits).

Organic Farmers’ Market was put together by CSE on January 30 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The event brought together farmers who showcased and sold their produce – healthy, nutritious and pesticide-free vegetables, fruits, millets, staples, oils, milk products and more – and also offered an opportunity to sample healthy dishes.

Also on the menu was a series of talks and interactive sessions on the issues that mattered to people from how to grow vegetables and making our own compost. There were live cooking demonstrations, as a celebration of the food, that we have always known and loved. Organic Farmer’s Market is an attempt to rebuild a strong tradition of food as nutrition in the country.

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