Organic Dairy Farmers Australia and L’Artisan Cheese, by REDgum Communications

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REDgum director James Freemantle and cameraman Pete Reidy traveled to Allansford to meet Organic dairy farmer John Smith and his family, as well as cheesemaker Matthieu Megard – L’Artisan Cheese, Timboon – who makes amazing French-style cheeses exclusively from John’s milk. (Well, the milk of John’s cows!)
ODFA CEO Bruce Symons was also in attendance, examining the rich organic soil, the salad-like pasture and happy cows, and tasting the remarkable cheese.
Luke McDade edited this gentle piece, which is being used to promote ODFA’s remarkable products, attract interest from journalists, and increase the market share of the fastest-growing sector in agriculture – organics. Brilliant!

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