Organic Connections: Jeff Moyer

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An interview with Jeff Moyer, Farm Director, Rodale Institute

Jeff Moyer talks about improving the health of the soil. It’s all connected: healthy soil, nutritious food, and healthy communities. Organic crops are popular, even with the younger kids. He loves showing12-year-olds how they have the power to change the way wheat is grown in this country. With discussions of Community Supported Agriculture and food deserts, he connects the health of our soil with the strength of our communities.

This video is part of a thought leadership series by Harvest Power on managing organics. North America is redefining its relationship with organic materials, and Harvest is leading that conversation. From apple cores to compost, pizza crusts to power, and farms to forks, this series connects ideas and knowledge from experts in a variety of interlocking fields including: organics recycling; renewable energy; soil; clean technology; health; food systems; nutrients; community; resiliency; policy; farming; sustainability; compost; zero waste and more. Learn more at, be a Fan on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter @harvestpower.

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