Organic, cheap, easy control of coffee berry borers (CBBs) Jadam organic farming, second test

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This is the second experiment done to find a weaker, more diluted solution to controlling CBBs. We tested on about 40 bugs. They all passed out for about 2 hours; then about half of them die. The remaining half are immobilized but keep waving their legs in air. After 20 hrs, they are completely killed.

Jadam was invited by farmers in Hawaii to see whether its methods could be effective against coffee berry borers that was destroying the coffee industry. Based on researches about this bug, we came up with about three ideas based on the fact that the bug was very hairy.

On Jan 25, Jadam did its first experiment on coffee berry borers from Kona coffee farm in Hawaii and succeeded in controlling it. The test was done in the kitchen using simple tools. All substances Jadam uses are made of materials that are permitted for use under organic production according to USDA regulations. It will be a complete game changer for the global coffee industry to be able to control this bug organically, at a low cost, and so easily. Research was done by Jadam Researcher Dream Team – Youngsang Cho, Sona Ju, Hyunho Cha and Rei Yoon.

Established in 1991, Jadam Organic Farming is based in Korea and has nearly 60,000 members actively using its method. Jadam does not patent its knowledge; it shares it with the farmers. Farmers in turn give back their knowledge and experience. This process of collective knowledge makes it possible to establish a system of knowledge at an extremely fast speed. Jadam will continue to work to solve global agricultural problems… and to share it with the world.

Jadam has produced many results including the solving of “rice bakanae disease” that could not be solved by the global science community for decades.

Jadam’s system is explained in detail in its book “Jadam Organic Farming”.

Videos and tons of info available on its homepage:

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