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Organic vs non-organic
Organic farming is more environmentally friendly than conventional farming. Some amazing organic certified products from Ecuador, Chili, Brazil organic sugars, Peruvian Maca Berries and Chili Maqui Berry drink. Organic farming in Ecuador, Brazil, Chili,and Peru are cacao beans raised organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind. Fair trade products from Peru. The organic dark chocolate is more intense and deeper in color, the berries are higher in antioxidants, an increase in global demand for organic cosmetics from Brazil due to their ecologically correct production. Natural foods like the Maqui Superberry has Co Q-10 Inhibitors . Major surge in spas and salons using organic cosmetics from Brazil, Chili, Ecuador, Peru due to demand from women looking for a better quality of life. There’s a tremendous surge for moisturizing lotions and soaps made from Guarana, melon, Cinnamon & Cupaqu, copalba and passion fruit from these countries.

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