One Solution: Permaculture!

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Images from the Full Permaculture Design Course held in California in August 2008, led by Scott Horton, Graham Burnett, William Faith and Darren Butler. Soundtrack by Anima Mundi, a musicians collective who organised, hosted, catered for and co-taught this course.

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Anger Into Action

We’ve had our feet on the ground for decades now
But still we all seem trapped in this conspiracy
If peace and freedom’s what we want
Then now’s the time to cultivate a different strategy

There’s more to life than material possession
Or to gain control over other’s lives
Cooperation / seven generations
To create future in which we thrive
It’s time to put your anger into action
Change the individual for the tribe
Move from consumption to production
And watch communities come alive

Those who force Nature force themselves
Back to land, water, sun and sky
Relearn simplicity
We have the knowledge and the means
To provide all with water, food, shelter and energy

Words and bullets — or food and shelter?
Words and bullets — or food and shelter?
Plant a seed — tomorrow comes the sun

We ourselves can cure all the famine
All the injustice and stupidity
By understanding natural systems
Through gardening and careful forestry
It’s up to us to manifest the vision
That we’ve been fighting for with blood, bone and tears
A new society / reclaim the structure
One solution: Permaculture

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