New Baseball Trend – Home Team Organic Farms!

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Would You Like Organic Salad With Your Hot Dog, Peanuts and Beer?

Besides the usual farm systems in baseball, it seems that there is a new trend designed to tap into to growing concern with sustainable agriculture.  Farms in baseball stadiums!

The baseball teams involved in this type of endeavor are: the Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, the Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Giants, and the Washington Nationals.

So, when you’re out watching the boys of summer at these parks, be sure to take a tour of the urban farm as well!

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To Alice Henly, the five baseball parks that currently boast onsite gardens are just the first wave in an inevitable trend towards an increased emphasis on sustainability at sports venues.

“These practices are an entryway to so many environmental issues, from water scarcity to agriculture and chemical impacts on our land,” she said.

Gardens are a particularly hot trend, she notes, because they enhance the visitor experience — allowing fans to sit among flowers and bumblebees while they enjoy their game — but they also provide an important bridge between two worlds that might, at first glance, seem unrelated.

“It really connects these teams with their communities, and reinforces their commitment to these hugely important issues,” Henly said. “The food that is served at venues, to millions of fans, is a way for iconic sports teams to teach their communities about where their food is coming from, and why that’s important for the health or their communities, each individual fan, and the health of our agricultural system as a whole.”

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