Natural Cure of Diabetes Sustainable Organic Farming Cameroon Africa PPEP Dec 2013

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Dr. John D. Arnold, CEO of PPEP, Inc. – Nana Bloti Omaboyo I and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. were interviewed on the Cameroon National Television STV News in December 2013 during their recent visit to Cameroon, Africa. This documentary segment informs of seminars and education on Natural Cure of Diabetes and Sustainable Organic Farming.

Dr. Arnold has contributed his time and resources to help and support the communities in Africa and many parts of North America.

PPEP, Inc. was founded by Dr. John David Arnold aboard a 1957 Chevy bus named “La Tortuga (tortoise)” with a ,000 grant from the Tucson Committee for Economic Opportunity on August 24, 1967. Its mission was to “improve the quality of rural life.”

Four decades later PPEP remains dedicated to carrying out the dreams of its first Bracero migrant farm workers students for a better way of life. Now this dream has extended into other parts of the world. Si Se Pudo!

Visit their website at, or www. for an update on PPEP’s progress or call 520.622.3553

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