M Revathi, an organic farmer, explains how organic farming will address hunger and economic problems

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Feb 10th 2013 Sunday 9.30 PM IST/ 8 AM PST/11 AM EST USA/ 4 PM London Time

Reclaiming 3000 acres of Tsunami affected land in Chennai to training 1000 farmers on organic farming in Sunderban leading to cultivation of 500 acres of land to influencing the policy decisions to adopt organic farming in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, the teacher turned organic farming expert – Revathi has done it all and still continuing to cruise along!

She believes organic farming not only solves the world hunger problem, but also creates a lot of jobs. Listen to her live at www.nrisamay.com this Sunday

She is respected as a leading exponent of organic farming in India and has trained lot of other organizations working in this area.

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