Living With The Land | Part 6 | Animal-free Farming

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A pioneer in plant-based agriculture, Iain Tolhurst has been a practising organic vegetable producer since 1976.

Specialising in a “systems approach” to farming, Tolhurst, has developed a stockfree approach to farming — the use of green manures, crop rotations & sustainable practices without recourse to inputs such as animal manures or animal by-products.

Together with business partner Lin, Iain Tolhurst started Tolhurst Organic more than 25 years ago producing seasonal organically grown food on 18 acres of land in Oxfordshire.

Stockfree farming is one of the many ways of Living With The Land.


Narrated by the poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah

Produced by Permaculture People |
for Permaculture magazine |

Logo designed by HIP Permaculture |

Camera Mihali Moore |

For more information about Tolhurst Organic and the Stockfree approach to farming please visit

Living with the Land | The Films

Living with the Land’ is a series of nine short online films free to view and distribute. Produced by Permaculture People for Permaculture magazine the films showcase the people and projects in the UK designing ecologically sound and regenerative land based practices. The films will be released to coincide with the build-up to the 12th International Permaculture Convergence, in London this September |

To see all nine films see

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