Living Land – Episode 23: Small organic farm in the North West Province

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Women in Africa have always been at the forefront of providing food and sustenance for their families, and Kenalemang Kgoroeadira is a fine example. Mama Kena, as she is affectionately known, and five other local women planted their first crops in 2009 on a single hectare plot.
Now, their small organic farm in the North West Province has become a source of inspiration for many. The Thojane Organic Farming Cooperative is a fascinating smallholder project, producing mainly organic vegetables and herbs for local markets in and around Rustenburg.
Their vision is to use their model organic farm to train women and youth in sustainable agricultural production. Two years ago Mama Kena received top honours at the provincial and national Female Entrepreneur Awards, winning the prize for Best Subsistence Producer. She is also a doctoral student in development education at the University of South Africa, and she is passionate about farming organically and producing food without the use of chemicals.

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