Krushak Ashram, Sustainable Agriculture, Satara, India (Organically Grown) Marathi Version

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Krushak Ashram is a place for all those who have taken to agriculture as a way of life. It is a forum for interactions on wide ranging agricultural issues and a platform to share farming experiences.
It is a well knit commune that holds farming and the soil close to its heart. This encompasses each one of the men, women and children. We are all equal, no one is unimportant and there are no superiors and inferiors here. Some work with tools in their hands, some on machines and some are engaged in doing different activities with the help of animals. These people who are busy doing one thing or the other are helping agriculture; trying to make it productive. Each one is engaged in the creative process of growing something, growth be it of crop, horticultural or livestock. Here everything is alive and this is life creation. Each one of them is capable of doing different types of work, like weeding to operating a machine; basic minimum knowledge is with everyone. His innate understandings of the seasons and the weather conditions, what to do in rainy season, what are the chores in summer, he has this traditionally acquired knowledge. He is capable of acting spontaneously to almost any unpredictable vagaries of nature. Everyone is here to participate. One can command the other’s help and ever be prepared to give a helping hand to others as well. We empathize towards all, be it an animal, cow pen or a person, a tree, a fruit, or a flower or for that matter every object in the vicinity. If you deal with them consciously it will provide happiness to you and concurrently to us all.

Mission Objectives
1. To empower the farming community with established, sustainable agriculture practices
2. To deliver safe and healthy, organically grown produce to the masses and not just the classes

We at Krushak Ashram, have built a direct farmer-to-consumer supply chain and aim to supply good quality, healthy organically grown produce in and around Pune.
Shri Sudhir Kumar Goyal visited Krushak Ashram on the 18th of August and launched the Ashram website. This event was an initiative of the Department of Agriculture, State of Maharashtra.
Farmers’ representatives from all the Talukas in Satara, assembled at Krushak Ashram, Padli (Ninam), Nagthane, Satara on Saturday, August 18, 2012, at 12.00 pm to evaluate Krushak Ashram’s effort of delivering vegetables directly to the consumers in Pune City from Satara and also to study various other systems of the Ashram applied in production, post harvest processes, distribution and sales.


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