Jackfruit – Organically Grown @ MK Orchard

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We are MK Orchard. The largest organic fruit farm in Malaysia with over 20 varieties of organic fruits. The Jackfruits is among one of our top selling organic fruits. Very sweet and refreshing. We intend to provide the best organic fruits quality as possible. We only use organic fertilizers such as BioJadi. It is a BioTechnology Fertilizer. Completely liquid organic and ready to be absorbed instantaneously by the plants. This video showcases our fruits alongside with the results of the fertilizer. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Subscribe for future updates. Will be posting videos every week.

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http://www.mkorchard.com.my/ (MK Orchard)
http://www.biojadi.asia/ (BioTechnology Liquid Organic Fertilizer – BioJadi)

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